Weekend Sales: December 19th-21st

sale alert
With all the sales going on, this weekend would make a great time to get last minute gifts!

Thrift Town will have 30% storewide on December 19th.

Reinvent Clothing Boutique will have 20% off storewide December 18th-20th.

If you’re stumped for gift ideas, consider getting a gift card to your local thrift store! WEAVE Works, Thrift Town, Goodwill, Freestyle, and Threads are all offering gift cards!

Happy thrifting!


Thrifting 101: Bring a Friend!

Thrifting 101While I don’t mind popping into the thrift store for some solo shopping from time to time, there is literally nothing I love more than grabbing one of my girlfriends, stopping off for a latte, and hitting the stores for a fun day of treasure hunting together!
Bringing your bestie along is great for a few reasons:

First, your friend will be completely honest with you: good, bad, or otherwise. That’s the beauty of friends right? You completely trust their opinion because, you know what, they won’t lead you astray. While those fitting room attendants are nice, they aren’t going to feel comfortable enough with you to tell you if you look cray in that skin-tight cherry red bondage dress, but you better believe your friend is going to be the first one to speak up and tell you to put it back on the rack, pronto (thank god).

Next, your friend can act as another pair of eyes for you while you peruse the racks. Most likely, your friend knows your style pretty well and would be able to pick out pieces that you might like. And when you’re tackling a big ol’ thrift store with hundreds of items, having someone else around to help navigate the inventory doesn’t hurt.

Finally, you get to hang out with your bestie, duh! I love just catching up with my friends, being silly and just laughing my head off while we try on everything. There’s nothing better than quality time with your BFF <3

So the next time that you’re thinking of going thrifting, ask your bestie or your mama, or your favorite co-worker to join you!

Alright, class is adjourned.

Until next time…


Let me Style you for the Holidays!

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 9.23.11 PM
With only two weeks until Christmas Eve, party season has kicked into high gear and with all those festive get-togethers comes the struggle of trying to figure out what to wear. Why not relieve yourself of the stress of planning your outfits by hiring me to style your outfits!

I’ve partnered with WEAVE Works Recycled Fashion to be their thrift stylist and they’re offering a pretty great deal if you book a styling appointment with me before December 24th–you can get 25% off all clothing purchased during your session!

Email me at thriftyourheartout@aol.com to book your appointment today!


Thrifting 101: Don’t Limit your Options

Thrifting 101One of the beauties of thrifting is the endless possibility. There are SO many choices when it comes to the clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and accessories that thrift stores carry. And all of those items come from different designers and different time periods. This means that there are SO many opportunities to express your own, unique style.

When cruising the racks–don’t limit your options. If something catches you about an item of clothing, whether it be the color, pattern, texture, or shape, just give it a go.

Many of my favorite pieces are ones that I picked up on a whim. They may not have fit my usual style, but they attracted me in one way or another. Just recently, I was shopping and came across this knee-lenth, long sleeved button up velvet shirt–it was straight out of the 90’s–and while I usually wouldn’t be drawn to it, I saw potential in the beautiful velvet texture. So, I marched into the dressing room and tried it on–backward! It looks fabulous and I think it will make for a nice option this holiday season.
It just took a little push, but I’m glad I didn’t limit myself in this case.

So when you find yourself at the thrift store next, don’t talk yourself out of trying something on just because it doesn’t fit your “norm.” You’ll surprise yourself with what you find!

Alright, class is adjourned.

Until next time…


2 More Days Until Thrift Your Gifts!

Thrift Your GiftsThere are only two more days until “Thrift Your Gifts!” I’m getting so excited to do the rest of my Christmas shopping at the thrift stores and I want you to come shopping with me!
We’ll visit Eco Thrift and Thrift Town to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your “nice” list.

Tickets are $5 and include a tote bag filled with holiday goodies!

Get your tickets today!

Hope to see you there!